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Providence an RV Retirement Community

What makes community?

Webster defines it as 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common or 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

At Providence RV Park, we’ve got it in spades, or if you prefer, in hearts.

We’re geared toward long-term residents. Know your neighbors, but have plenty of space to keep them friendly. Walk under the trees, listen to the birds and sit on the patio with a cup of tea…uh, no that’s summer; actually right now it’d be crunch through the snow hoping none falls from the trees, hurry inside and hope there’s hot chocolate on the stove.  No matter what time of year, community is thriving at Providence RV Park.

Oh, and stop by on the weekend for a game of spades, hearts, or even dominoes; or just stop in to borrow from our book collection.


Providence – the name


Providence, what a great name! Kind of carries the thought that “Whatever is, is the way it’s supposed to be.”

That is how I think of my RV park, Providence R V Park near Lake Fork, TX. You know, like the members we have are the ones who are supposed to be here. Don’t get me wrong, I love the members we have, each one.

We started this adventure 4 years ago. Looking for the right area of the state, looking for the right terrain, the right lake, the right town, the right road, etc. Then carving out, quite literally, the roads, the well, the drains, the BIG house, where to put this and that. It’s probably too long a story to tell in one blog.

Some one would ask, “Why would you spend so much time, work for so many years, put almost everything you own in an R V park?”

Answer: I have the sense that we built what we were supposed to, where we were supposed to, when we were supposed to, with the partners we were supposed to, and in the place we did.

And were brought the residents we are supposed to have, with more to come, you perhaps.

Then there is that word, PROVIDENCE!


IILIMRV: I would want it to be as large as I could reasonably afford with lots of slide outs.
IILIMRV: I would want to have a deck outside my front door, maybe with a roof.
IILIMRV: I would want a bathroom with the extra large shower in it.
IILIMRV: Give me a fenced and gated park, one that is as secure as possible.
IILIMRV: Give me some place quiet and peaceful with a heavy tree cover.
IILIMRV: Give me a spot at Providence RV Park, Quitman, Texas, near Lake Fork.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Providence RV Park in Lake Fork, Texas. May your year be filled with peace, hope, love, and prosperity. Stay warm whether you’re in Texas or Maine.

Christmas Traditions

Do you have holiday traditions? At Providence RV Park near Lake Fork we have an unusual but great fun one I’d like to share with you. I can’t remember when we started it or why, but now we can’t stop…the kids won’t let us. We do a scavenger hunt, but not for the gift; just for the number written on the gift. All the gifts are on display, but instead of a name, it has a number on it. We have assigned each child a number but they have to hunt for it to discover which gift is theirs. My husband writes 3-4 clues, in rhyme for each child. They all start at a central place and eventually will be spread out everywhere looking for their next clue. And for some reason they think it’s a race so it gets funny as they stumble over each other. It’s a bit of work for my husband, but we all have so much fun that it’s worth it. One of our 13-year-old granddaughters told us that it was the best part of Christmas; so you see we can’t stop. For those too young to read, they have to do assigned tricks like jump 3 times and turn around before they get their number.

Some of our traditions have gone by the wayside as they weren’t too important to us or life just changes (someone blinks and there it goes again). But this one has stuck around. Do you have any special or fun traditions that are worth sharing?

Christmas Surprises

I love all the surprises of Christmas. Where will the Elf be? You’ve been doing what? She’s engaged? We’re a large family so some we only get to see annually and those are the surprises they bring. With our immediate family it’s a bit harder to bring a surprise, but we try. Maybe you do the same. The teenagers invariably want gift cards or money as a gift. We go out of our way to disguise those gifts usually making it a gift within a gift. One year we gave them each a filled cookie tin and I thought we’d have to wait until they ate the cookies before we heard back from them. They all had little bit of a sad face as we explained it had been a hard year, there were so many needs posted on the angel tree from others in difficult situations, it was the season to be giving you understand, until one of them dug deep. Then there were cookie crumbs everywhere. Do you have a good way to hide a gift card?

Here at Providence RV Park near Lake Fork, Texas, maybe I should hang them as ornaments on the trees; we only have a couple hundred of them here.

Christmas Wonders

Christmas is full of wonder. I wonder how that tiny drop of water transforms from liquid to sparkling solid on that tree limb. Hundreds of them, luminous, a tree of diamonds. I wonder at the pure joy I see on Christmas morning in my grandkids. I wonder how I can eat so much in one sitting. I wonder whether I’ll get to wear a sweater here at our RV Park at Lake Fork or if I’ll still be in capris wishing for snow.  I wonder what the latest must have toy is and if I forgot anyone. I wonder if I have all the ingredients I need. I wonder why I get all caught up in this. And then I stop to wonder at the Reason for the Season. Yes, stop and wonder, take the time. Wonder most at the incredible gift of the Christ child.

In this season, may you find joy, peace, stillness, and wonder.


Happy Holidays to You

Happiest Holiday Season. No matter what your faith, may you be filled with peace and joy.

From Providence RV Park near Lake Fork in Quitman, Texas.

5 Reasons to Visit Lake Fork & Providence RV Park

  1. Big Bass fishing. Lake Fork is a top national bass fishing lake and an angler’s dream. It’s the premier trophy bass fishing lake in Texas. It annually produces hundreds of double-digit-size bass each year. Lake Fork was literally designed for big bass; it’s deep, terrain varied, and timber in abundance left in it. It’s well-maintained by the Sabine River Authority and Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association.
  2. Hunting. The woods of the Lake Fork area contain many species of wildlife.  Being on the central migration flyway, the area is a mecca for duck hunting and all manner of waterfowl.  The area also has an abundance of whitetail deer of which we have seen many in and around Providence RV Park.  Many deer are harvested during bow and gun season.
  3. Easy drive from DFW metroplex, Tyler, and Longview for a weekend getaway. Park your RV at Providence RV Park and have it ready to receive you for your weekend away.
  4. Slower pace. On a regular drive from DFW to Providence RV Park, I can feel the tension leaving, the peace settling, and my foot easing off the gas pedal as I acclimate to the slower pace of East Texas. Although sometimes I must fight the urge to speed up in my hurry to relax. Is that an oxymoron phrase?
  5. Providence RV Park. A slice of quiet, surrounded in peace, and nestled in shade all held together by the community that’s developing in this quiet RV park. Check us out at ProvRV.com or email us at info@ProvRV.com. Quarterly-annual rates.

A Little Hunting Deer

“Just a little deer hunting, dear.” How many of you have heard those words? Hunting is expected to be good in the Lake Fork area and the state of Texas this year. The season runs through Jan. 7, 2018, in North Texas; Jan. 21, 2018 in South Texas. My son-in-love has brought one home already. My friend’s 16-year old daughter landed hers with a bow and arrow – impressed me. I was concerned for my sensitive 6-year-old grandson after looking at a freshly shot deer, but then he piped, “You’ll just have to get used to it, grandma.” So much for that. Mostly I’m just glad that neither of them were Bambi.