Celebration at Providence RV Park!

4th of July!                       

Did we get together?    YES

Did we have good food? YES! You know, the salad, the brisket, the potato salad, the desserts, and I mean we had desserts! The deviled eggs, the chocolate cake,

Did I mention the deviled eggs?…..You get the idea.

Here at Providence RV Park at Lake Fork Texas, we decided to have a 4th of July dinner. We invited all our community, and ALL who were at the park came.

Have I told you, we have the best bunch of folks you could have in an RV community!

We had our dinner, and then we talked, then we ate again, then we played games, then we laughed, and laughed, and had a great time. We really do have the greatest people here, and they all could relate a story about life.

Of course, we always honor our nation and all the people that keep it safe and functioning. We also honor our GOD who has intervened on so many occasions on the nation’s behalf to continue what He started.

If you make it here by the next 4th, then YOU can be a part of our Celebration at Providence RV Park.

Come and see!


July 4th Gathering

Residents and veterans gather for feasting and fun to celebrate our nation. So glad I live in America, the Land of the Free. So glad our founders persevered and crafted such an amazing Constitution. So glad so many have sacrificed to maintain it. Awesome Land of the Free. Makes me want to set off some firecrackers 🙂  Providence RV Park near Lake Fork, Quitman, Texas.

Our Big Night Out


Man! What a time we had last night! Well, it was a time anyway.

We met some friends at The Red Dome Restaurant in Quitman, Texas. We had dinner, great conversation, and then, and then we decided to throw caution to the wind and go and see a movie.

Oceans 8, at the Historic Select Theater. One screen, one snack bar, and one auditorium, and retro prices. Can you say, “Old Fashioned”? Yes, it’s the oldest continuously operating movie theater in t

The History Select Theater and now also Lake Country Playhouse in Mineola, Texas, is a historic movie theater and you could NOT beat the atmosphere. It doesn’t even matter what’s showing; it’s not about the movie anyway. I can’t remember having that much enjoyment going to the movies in a long, long time. It just seemed like there was not as much pressure as going to the movies “in town.” It seemed like it was OK for us to enjoy our time without having to report to our friends that we saw “The Latest”, or “The sexiest”, or the “Wildest”, or “Bloodiest”, or the whatever the movies are supposed to be.

We live a part of our life at Providence R V Park out by Lake Fork. Arguably, the best bass fishing lake in the state of Texas, or maybe the USA, or, depending on who you talk to, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

This R V Park is a little different. It feels sort of like a pressure relief valve, and I don’t know any one who doesn’t need RELIEF from the daily pressure of life we all seem to live with. I have a permanent place here, my own personal relief valve, and I just don’t think I can give it up. My wife wants me to live a lot longer and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think that will happen without my relief valve.

And part of that relief is the people in our community. People who live here are probably the best neighbors we could have. They come from all walks of life, professions, backgrounds, but sooo friendly. Real salt of the earth types. And I would bet if you ask them, they could sense the relief as well.

I love it here.

Come and see!




Making the Switch?

I was just having a conversation with our newest guests at Providence R V Parks this morning. You would think when someone talks about living full time in an R V they are probably older or retired or just can’t take care of a house like they used to. Well, you’d be wrong!

These people are mid- thirties, young by my standards, “seizing the day” type folks! They know where they are going, and how to get there in style… AND LIVE! We couldn’t be happier to have them added to our community in the woods.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Providence RV Park

Secure, Serene, Secluded

Wow, she’s a beaut.

Well, we got a really big one in today! RV that is. Brand new, Landmark 43-footer. Three big slides,

three ac units, self – leveling, etc. It is amazing to me to watch the unit level itself, by itself, without my help. It’s got it all, and it’s beautiful.

And the young owners are so pleasant to be around. Matter of fact, I’m glad ALL our people are here, and fun to be with, and they all help make up our pleasant and peaceful community.

What a really nice place to live!


Coffee, BBQ, Gatherings

Residents at Providence RV Park, Quitman, Texas, regularly enjoy spending time at the local Speakeasy, ur uh, coffee house. This weekend we met a number of our residents at the Dogwood Festival. (Of course, I tend to think they came for the BBQ.) Whatever the reason, we’re a community within a community.

Residents at Speakeasy

Secret Squirrel Saga


Secretly Watching

Well, the secret sect of squirrels didn’t touch the feed corn in the new feeder I set out in order to catch them in the act…of just eating. They did, however, take the grapes out of the old feeder, but alas, I didn’t see them. REALLY? Are they that finicky of what type of feeder their free food comes out of? Maybe they want it on a silver platter. Or are they truly stealth squirrels and know when they are being watched? Hmm. I think I’ll start watching for deer.

Dogwoods in Quitman with Providence RV Park

Dogwood Tree – The flowers of the dogwood tree form a perfect cross, which is why it became associated with Easter as a tree of renewal and beginnings. This sturdy nature gives the Dogwood pirit additional symbolic values including strength, protection and a firm will.

Yes, the dogwood tree means a lot to people around here. We have several at Providence R V Park. They are a great addition to nearly any landscape theme, a very attractive tree. Also, here comes the magic words, LOW COST Trees.

And as good a reason as any for folks around here to get together, have a cook out, play some dominoes, have competitions, and eat lots of food. I call it the “Lake Fork Effect”. It extends from Minneola to Hawkins to Winnsboro to Sulphur Springs to Yantis to Emory to Quitman to pretty much all around here.

I even heard there is a Dogwood Festival in Austin.

Just remember, THE QUITMAN, TEXAS DOGWOOD FESTIVAL will be just about the best around, especially if you like eating BBQ.

Join us that weekend, bring your R V, we have 6 spaces available for that week end.

Also, come by our booth at the Festival for more info.



Spring and Secret Squirrels

New Feeder

Old Feeder

We have night squirrels at Providence RV Park. Those that only come out at night.  And I think there’s a secret group of them. They make their presence known though because they take the food I leave for them, mass quantities of food, even their favorite ears of corn.

Are they grateful? It’s a secret. Their secret. I wish they would tell.

I put out a squirrel feeder outside my window – not so close that I would scare them. I just wanted to watch them enjoy the bounty I share. Ear after ear after ear has disappeared without even a site of their tail. The secret sect of squirrels.

Huh, but I’m going to outsmart them. I bought a feeder that looks like a strong green wire that just wraps around the ear of corn and hooks to the tree. It doesn’t even have a front porch for them to perch on. They’ll have to eat it while in the tree. No grab and run routine will work. If this doesn’t work, I’ll add solar lights. If that doesn’t work, I’ll ask James to install a motion sensor with a bell to wake me. Well, I can ask anyway.

Day 1 is past and the corn is still there. They’re probably so well fed they could miss a day. I’ll keep you posted. You would think a swish of their tail and glimpse of their stuffed cheeks wouldn’t be too much to ask.

I’d better go check my bird feeder.


Providence RV Park by Lake Fork.