Dogwoods in Quitman with Providence RV Park

Dogwood Tree – The flowers of the dogwood tree form a perfect cross, which is why it became associated with Easter as a tree of renewal and beginnings. This sturdy nature gives the Dogwood pirit additional symbolic values including strength, protection and a firm will.

Yes, the dogwood tree means a lot to people around here. We have several at Providence R V Park. They are a great addition to nearly any landscape theme, a very attractive tree. Also, here comes the magic words, LOW COST Trees.

And as good a reason as any for folks around here to get together, have a cook out, play some dominoes, have competitions, and eat lots of food. I call it the “Lake Fork Effect”. It extends from Minneola to Hawkins to Winnsboro to Sulphur Springs to Yantis to Emory to Quitman to pretty much all around here.

I even heard there is a Dogwood Festival in Austin.

Just remember, THE QUITMAN, TEXAS DOGWOOD FESTIVAL will be just about the best around, especially if you like eating BBQ.

Join us that weekend, bring your R V, we have 6 spaces available for that week end.

Also, come by our booth at the Festival for more info.



Spring and Secret Squirrels

New Feeder

Old Feeder

We have night squirrels at Providence RV Park. Those that only come out at night.  And I think there’s a secret group of them. They make their presence known though because they take the food I leave for them, mass quantities of food, even their favorite ears of corn.

Are they grateful? It’s a secret. Their secret. I wish they would tell.

I put out a squirrel feeder outside my window – not so close that I would scare them. I just wanted to watch them enjoy the bounty I share. Ear after ear after ear has disappeared without even a site of their tail. The secret sect of squirrels.

Huh, but I’m going to outsmart them. I bought a feeder that looks like a strong green wire that just wraps around the ear of corn and hooks to the tree. It doesn’t even have a front porch for them to perch on. They’ll have to eat it while in the tree. No grab and run routine will work. If this doesn’t work, I’ll add solar lights. If that doesn’t work, I’ll ask James to install a motion sensor with a bell to wake me. Well, I can ask anyway.

Day 1 is past and the corn is still there. They’re probably so well fed they could miss a day. I’ll keep you posted. You would think a swish of their tail and glimpse of their stuffed cheeks wouldn’t be too much to ask.

I’d better go check my bird feeder.


Providence RV Park by Lake Fork.

Spring is Coming Again to the Park

Green of Spring

Dogwood Flower

It’s like we said in one of our video blog postings, the leaves really do look better on the trees instead of under our feet like in Fall. It’s a great time to come and visit the different spots we have and see where you’d like to park your RV for a month, a quarter, or park and set it up for a whole year. It’s the easiest way to keep up with all the fishing tournaments, festivals, like Dogwood, and hunting in the area. And don’t forget the Tyler Rose Festival.

Come and see us, pick your spot, set up your RV in our quiet and secure park, and enjoy going around and seeing what you can see out here in East Texas. There’s also a lot you can do. There’s First Mondays, crafts, garage sales that stretch from Terrell eastward thru Mineola and beyond, and from Mineola up HWY 37 to Quitman, then up 154 to Sulphur Springs. Who knows what you’ll be able to find at one of these.

And some of these “garage sales” are the largest you’ll ever see.

Then, after running around all day, you can return to your RV spot at Providence, where it’s quiet, and rest, take a nap, or just have a glass of iced tea.

In other words, Spring is Coming Again To The Park.

You might as well enjoy it!


P.S. – I really do like it here!

RE-TIREMENT AT Providence R V Parks, at Lake Fork

I used to hear the word “retirement” and what came to my mind was buying a new set of tires, re-tire, for my car.

I then saw friends and relatives “retiring” in the conventional way, you know, Stop working,

Slow down, take it easy, travel, have fun.

These friends and relatives I observed, always tired more easily, generally had less energy, etc.

But the one thing I noticed the most was this sense of “no purpose.” Sure, there’s lots of things to occupy my mind and time, and spend my money on, everything but purpose.

Forgive me, but it’s like having a car, your own car, still usable, you know, “A lot of miles left in this baby!” And yet we tend to trade it in, sell it off, or worse, just stop driving it, using it. The paint is a little rough, needs an oil change or maybe a tune up, OR just maybe it only needs to be Re-Tired, and not retired.

Re-Tired, given a new purpose or direction. In the park we have a young man of 80+ years who while not in the shape he was in at 30 years, but neither am I, still walks with purpose, with an idea in his head of what he’s going to do next. Good for him! I only hope when I’m 80+ years young, I’m still kicking as well as him.

We don’t have a retirement community here at Providence R V Parks at Lake Fork. We do have some retired folks and will take more.

You might think of us as a RE-TIRE center. Put on a new set of tires and keep rolling.

Send me your retired, your wise ones, your “I love life” ones.

Yeah, you could call us a RE-TIRE R V Park



Fishermen’s Special

Laughter is good medicine, so take a healthy dose.

Ask for the fisherman’s special – it’s just a load of crappie.

Providence RV Park, Quitman, Texas, welcomes fishermen.

Words – Life & Unexpected Places

As posted in the bunk room: LIFE takes us to to unexpected places. LOVE bring us home.

Room is for the use of our residents’ guests.

Serene Secure Secluded – pretty much describes Providence RV Park in Quitman, TX by Lake Fork.

Tasty Words

I mentioned before that I love WORDS. I have words on the walls at Providence RV Park.

Here’s some powerful words: “Life and death is in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat the fruit thereof,” Proverbs 18:21.

Think about it. With words we encourage another or with words we can cut someone to shreds. (Don’t do it!) With words we can comfort a child or crush their spirit. With words we can bring hope or despair. We can uncover deception or instill truth. We can empower or belittle, laugh with or laugh at. With words we even declare our love to someone in marriage, and with words can destroy it.

Words, so powerful; as it is said, mightier than the sword, and I would add just as sharp. So what type of fruit are you eating? What type are you sharing? Make it tasty.

Carol at Providence RV Park, Quitman, TX

Serene, Secure, Secluded, Great for retirees

Words of Encouragement

I bought this as a reminder to myself and hung it in the main building at Providence RV Park in Quitman, TX.

Serene, Secure, and Secluded.

Retires welcome

Full-timers welcome

Fishermen welcome

Ya’ll come.

The little blog about trees and RVs

The little blog about trees and RVs

This little video blog is about trees.

More specifically, about our RV Park and trees.

You see, about four years ago, we decided to build an RV park in the Lake Fork area.

Now, there are a lot of RV parks in the area so why one more here? Well, most of the parks here started as bare, flat ground and the builders put as many spaces as they could into the few acres they had. Good idea if your only purpose is to “packem’ in and make money.”

As I realized that more and more people were “moving” into their RVs, it seemed logical to park them in as nice and natural a setting as we could find. So, we looked for treed land that had not been cleared to provide a nicer setting to call home.

What we found was this heavily-treed plot and began clearing only enough ground to fit the RVs into an ample space. Kind of like permanently camping in the woods.

We installed electrical, water, and sewers, all underground, cautious to cause the minimum displacement and least harm to the trees. Every spot is heavily treed, individually placed, and has enough room for a deck, storage, and an awning. One tenant even has her own dog run inside her own fence. Really cool, you should see it!

In short, if I lived in my own RV, I think I’d like to be in an RV park community where I could personalize “my space” while blending into that community and neighborhood, so I could, say, call it “My Home.”

So, if this sounds like your kind of RV living, come by the Providence RV Park at 1762 FM 288 in Quitman and give us a look. Or better still, come take a drive thru the park and see for yourself. But be there before 7:00 PM, ‘cause the gate closes at 7 and you’ll need your own gate remote to enter after that.

Every tenant has one and you will too if you live with us.

James Adams, Owner Providence RV Park

Serene, Secure, Secluded

Providence an RV Retirement Community

What makes community?

Webster defines it as 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common or 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

At Providence RV Park, we’ve got it in spades, or if you prefer, in hearts.

We’re geared toward long-term residents. Know your neighbors, but have plenty of space to keep them friendly. Walk under the trees, listen to the birds and sit on the patio with a cup of tea…uh, no that’s summer; actually last week it was crunch through the snow hoping none falls from the trees, hurry inside and hope there’s hot chocolate on the stove. No matter what time of year, community is thriving at Providence RV Park.

Oh, and stop by on the weekend for a game of spades, hearts, or even dominoes; or just stop in to borrow from our book collection.