Long term RV living with deck, cover, shed.

Long deck, cover, shed, bike, hammock. Nice.

What is the best RV for full time living?

Think through your current lifestyle. Where do you spend your time? In the bedroom? Office? Kitchen? Do you live everywhere in your house or do you find yourself in one chair, one spot?

I MUST have my chair for my Bible time, thinking time, get away from everyone/thing time. It must be comfy with a light and preferably a spot for my coffee cup. Now in an RV, that probably won’t happen in the bedroom, my preferred location. But a kitchen chair is NOT comfy. So instead of a couch that would be shared with others, I’ll opt for 2 chairs and a small table between. I can hang a light or open the blinds.

Now my husband’s #1 need (other than a comfy bed) is an office space. I think in reality it’s his man cave. Since there’s just the 2 of us, that means that we need an RV with the bunk room, but minus the bunks. Grandkids may come occasionally, but he’ll use the office daily. Many RV parks have bunk rooms anyway for the grands and their parents.

Now there’s a 2nd benefit to giving him his office. I get my chair in the main room without him always there. We’ve been married 28 years and a good dose of private space will keep us going for the long haul. So, by carefully choosing my RV, I’m investing in my marriage. (Try that line on your spouse when you want the toy hauler.)

Now what about the kitchen? The hub of the house. Or is it? For me, cook is a 4-letter word. My sister, however, is a master chef and takes great pleasure in cooking for everyone. She definitely got my share of the cooking gene. Her RV needs the best in the kitchen and definitely a bar. I think the actual counter space in the kitchen would determine which RV she would buy. For me, let’s just say I’m a minimalist. And forget the kitchen table with 2 benches. WASTE OF SPACE. Maybe an IKEA drop down table.

Now a lot of people actually use their table to hold stuff, and a table can hold a lot of stuff. Personally, I don’t like clutter so getting rid of the stuff holder is a good idea. A drop down can still hold stuff in a pinch but not forever. Stuff will have to find its place. For me a shelf in a cabinet can be a great stuff holder. This is another good reason to convert the bunk room into an office. There’s a whole room to hold stuff and out of sight.

However, I would consider one bunk and half an office which would then only hold 1 guest so I’m not sure there is much value in it. But an office with 2 desks and chairs – well now, I get a desk area too. Actually, in our last 2 houses we had that set up.

I’m the administrative one and handle a lot of our affairs. My husband does do a lot of work from home as well as searching the internet, listening to talk shows, but his desk is just too messy for my organized mind to function at.

So, our RV design has a living area with a couch (for lazy times), 2 chairs with a small coffee table, a SMALL kitchen table, refrigerator and whatever else goes in a kitchen, an office with 2 desks and chairs, and we’re happy as clams.

And we need a deck or fake grass because I like to be outside every day. ALL my blinds are open so I need good thermal windows that neighbors can’t peak in.

How about you? Do you need the toy hauler because life is just no life without some of those things? Be sure and get it then. Do you love to grill? Be sure yours has the outdoor unit. That will be the best RV for full time living for you.

Do you have kids? Well, wouldn’t they just love a bunk room cave. Or are you well up in years where you think the 2nd bathroom might become quite important? Plan it in. Don’t like stairs? Well, you won’t suddenly start liking them so don’t go that route. Is your girth great and you need extra shower room? Well, come on now, as often as you use that, you’d better get the larger one. Do you like to entertain? That won’t change so make sure you have a larger unit with extra seating. And I think every person should consider an RV with slide outs, especially if you plan on living in it. It can take you from cramped to airy with the push of a button.

So, what is the best RV for full time living? It’s the one with the best design where your lifestyle just transitions to a new space. So, is size important? It can be, but think layout and lifestyle.

And make the most of that lifestyle.