Lake Fork is getting dressed for winter here in east Texas. The towering pines and oak trees are shedding the last of their pine cones and acorns (and the oaks are being pretty noisy about it, if you ask me!). Providence RV Park is finishing another year of steady growth. Some residents might be ready to start thinking about an upgrade, or help relatives or friends join the RV lifestyle. Which raises the question: When is the best time to buy an RV?

Many of those wanting to join “the mortgage-free movement” have been searching for the perfect rig all year. They are ready to take a break and hibernate until spring, when they’ll pick back up in warmer weather.

But Wait!

You might miss the best time to buy an RV! That’s right, you may be surprised to learn that winter truly is the best time to buy an RV. Your dream home on wheels could be gone by spring.

Here are the top 3 reasons that should motivate you to use the winter months to get out there and make your best deal:

Best Selection

New models come out near the end of the year. Just like the auto industry, prices on the year-old models are typically more negotiable than the new kids on the block. And often, new models don’t offer big enough improvements to outweigh saving a few thousand dollars.

So, check with dealers (who may have more than one lot) if you’re interested in scoring a great deal on a leftover. And if only brand new will do, sales folks looking to make quotas and pick up the pace of sluggish winter months are more likely to cut their best deals then. Even pre-owned RV sales favor the buyer in slow months. So go and check them out.

Finally, dealers are more likely to give you a great price early in the season, when they can replace it on the lot vs. later in the spring, when it’s too late in the season to order another.

Best Service

In spring or summer, you’re more likely to have to wait for assistance, sometimes a half hour or more, when buyer competition for the sales associates’ time heats up. In winter, the sales team is far more attentive to you and your needs. Your travel trailer is a huge investment, and you deserve to be able to work through every possible question and all options sans any pressure to shortcut the process.

Best Financial Options

Financing is typically easier in wintertime, and dealers are more likely to be offering creative promotions and financial perqs. Because they are especially motivated to move inventory, you’ll probably find more flexibility in terms (like deferred deposits or “No payments till spring!” type promotions).

Many will offer helpful bonuses like free winter storage of your new RV beauty, or gift card giveaways and other valuable perqs.

And don’t forget the RV expos and shows that run January through March (like Dallas RV SuperSale at Market Center). They’ve brought it all to you, and would much rather sell you an RV at a lower cost if it saves them from having to transport it back to the lot.

Yes, Virginia, Winter IS the Best Time to Buy an RV

So, research your options online and warm up and energize with a cup of Joe. Then grab your scarf and gloves, and hit the local dealerships and shows. As the icy air greets you, smile at how smart you are to beat the crowd and get the best in selection, service, and price.

Yes, winter is the best time to buy an RV in a field that is getting more and more crowded each year. When spring comes, you’ll be glad to see others just starting their search while your dream RV is already bought and ready to park or take you on a life of adventure.