Full time rv living

RV living allows for fun and adventure

Is full time RV living in your future? If you are considering making your RV home as part of your next adventure, here are some tips to help you start making your plan.

Why do you think making your RV your home full time is an option for you?

That’s a really good place to start as you think about the advantages of making the change.

Here are just a few reasons residents here at Providence RV Park, and around the country, have made the move:

  1. It’s a lifestyle that offers freedom and adventure. RV living frees you from the time and expense of working to afford and maintain a house and yard. It’s an excellent choice for empty nesters, but it’s also a great way to introduce the kids to a simpler lifestyle. Instead of living to work, RVers find that they work to live!
  2. Full time RV living allows you to explore new places and make new friends. There’s a growing number of the younger generation that are rejecting the dream of owning a brick and mortar home in favor of a minimalist lifestyle that focuses on experiences instead of possessions. A recent Washington Post article about full-time RV living explores this phenomenon in depth and finds that RV living offers these benefits and more.
  3. Devote more time to fun and recreation. Our Providence RV park is close to Lake Fork and an impressive list of other activities and attractions. Within an hours drive, you’ll find world class fishing, hiking trails, shopping and cultural activities galore.
  4. It’s an affordable way to live. Modern RVs come fully equipped with energy efficient appliances and all the conveniences of modern life. By reducing the space you occupy, it’s easier to economize. What better way to break the shopping habit than reducing the size of your closet!
  5. Many couples and families find that the full-time RV lifestyle brings them closer. It’s not just sharing a smaller space that does the trick. RV living creates opportunities for quality time that the daily grind of traditional home ownership doesn’t allow for.

What about you? Are you thinking that the benefits of full-time RV living might be right for you?