Sue visiting with other full time RV living resident at Providence RV Park, Quitman, TX

Sue visiting other FT RV living resident

Prepare for RV Living Interview, Sue F. 6/15/19, full time resident 2 years

Q: How did you prepare for RV living? Why did you decide to live in an RV?


A: I got tired of cleaning the large, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. For about 20 years we lived in a 1500 sf double wide with a large kitchen, living and dining room, plus a porch. We had sheds, a garage, a pontoon boat and a big yard.  I came home from work tired, then had to clean the house. Since I was near seventy, it just became too much; my husband, who is in his eighties, was tired of all the yard work on our property.

Q: Were you prepared for RV living?

A: I love to cook, so the thing I missed most was my very large French-door refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom. And, second I miss having a second bathroom.

Q: Are you glad you bought the RV you did?

A: Yes!!

Q: Why?

A: The slide-outs make the Park Model big; it has better quality and insulation.

Q: How long did it take you to get used to living in the RV?

A: Not long because there was so much less to clean.


Q: What was your biggest challenge moving into the RV?

A: Figuring out what you do/do not need; for example, 2 sets of sheets and 4 towels are enough.

Q: How did you solve the challenge?

A: You need someone to (ruthlessly) ask you questions such as “when did you last use this?” to help you pare down your possessions.

Q: Do most people need a storage shed?

A: Well, it’s better to have it than not, although we have stuff we no longer need. My husband had lots of tools, equipment, stuff that wasn’t used anymore.


Q: What do you wish someone told you about living in an RV full-time?

A: Get used to everything ‘close’.

Q: Do you have any downsizing tips?

A: If you haven’t used something in 1 – 2 years, don’t move it to the RV.  Transitioning takes time to decide what’s important to you.  TIP: take a picture of the object you think you can’t be without, or commit to storing it 1 year, and if it wasn’t used, sell it or give it away.

Q: How much do you think you’re saving by living in an RV vs. a house?

A: My husband could give you the specifics. We have no property taxes, no house insurance, no yard upkeep; the electric bill is much lower, there is no trash pick-up fee; there’s very little maintenance with an RV compared to maintaining a house.

Q: How does the location of your RV affect your life?

A: Quitman is handy; there’s a grocery store there; the Wal-Mart is not far away.

I hope this interview gives you some insight in how to prepare for RV living. I especially like the tip on having a ruthless friend help you downsize. There’s nothing like a good friend to give you perspective.

Providence RV Park, 1762 FM 288, Quitman, TX 75783