Quarantine Light

Out here in east Texas we are blessed to enjoy a relaxed version of the COVID-19 quarantine, especially compared to our family and friends in metro area lockdowns. And perfect timing, as we are also appreciating spring in all her lush, green glory. Once restrictions are lifted in your local town or suburb, come visit us. See why Lake Fork Providence RV Park is a premier destination for boating, fishing, and other RV adventurers. Check out our life in the woods. You may decide you never want to leave!

A Walk in the Woods

Perfect day for a walk

Whatever turns your road may be taking, we can add beauty and stress free living for a longer, better quality lifestyle. If you missed our “Health Benefits of Forest Bathing” series, check it out for a whole list of reasons to love our trees.

Butterflies in the Woods

The delicate butterflies are fluttering by…

April Spotlight: Debbie Snyder

One of our more recent additions to the Providence community is California import Debbie Snyder. A petite lady with a big heart, Debbie loves music, sewing, and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking.  And, of course, caring for her adorable pets.

We always love to hear about the journeys of our residents, so we chatted with Debbie about her transition from house to RV, and from California to Texas.

“I lived in Riverside from about age 12,” she shares. “California is very different weather wise from Texas, so I’ve been adjusting to the colder winters. California winters usually stayed about 50 degrees, only dropping down to around 40 degrees. So after my first winter here, I’ve added a few more jackets and fleece hoodies to my wardrobe. I’ll be ready for next winter!

Everything is Bigger (and Louder!) in Texas

“And I do have to say we never had the spectacular thunderstorms out west like Texas has. I love them, but my pups are still trying to figure out what those crazy loud booming noises are.”

I asked Debbie what she missed the most about her house and her prior lifestyle. She said she did miss her yard. We have a wonderful “back forty” behind us where pups love to play, but having a secure, small yard is great when you don’t want to supervise.

She also shares that she has learned how to organize her space like a pro. While downsizing and preparing for her move, she sold all her furniture, and every knickknack she owned. She enjoys the minimalist approach RV life has given her.

A Walk in the Park, RV Park

Corky and Willow out for a stroll on a gorgeous morning

Nature’s Soundtrack for her New Life

Of course, we can’t end the spotlight interview without asking what she loves about Providence RV Park (because there’s ALWAYS something to love!).

She smiles and says her panoramic view of the towering trees is probably her favorite part of this new life, followed by the peaceful and laid back atmosphere at the park. The relaxing sounds of the birds make her list as well, and being away from the hustle and bustle of busier towns with their traffic and noise. Peace, woods, birds, quiet, ahhhh.

For someone who has always loved camping and the outdoors, Debbie says it’s fitting for her to retire to a life in the woods out in God’s country. And she’s happy to share her space with her furry companions.

Life in the Trees.

Providence RV Park