How about: Take a rest, have a rest, catch my breath, BE at rest.

All of the above? Yes, all of the above…..and then some.

When I’m at Providence R V Park, Lake Fork, I’m in the “and then some” mode. And these are the things I need the most rest from. Here are a few things on my “and then some” list:

  • Rest from worry. When I’m at Providence I’ve decided that, as the old saying goes, most of the things I worry about aren’t going to happen. Rest from worry!
  • Rest from frustration. Frustration runs rampant in the city. Frustration from the traffic, traffic lights that don’t work, drivers who aren’t very good drivers, people who don’t pay attention to those around them, clerks who are rude, cars that don’t run, people who aren’t on time…..
  • Rest from constant noise, it’s inescapable, it is sometimes unbearable.
  • Rest from my schedule, the need for production, results, everyone else’s production, schedule, results, etc.

I look forward to coming to the RV Park to get rest, or maybe it’s relief for just a while/day/weekend.


It IS OK just to rest!

Be at Rest. Take a Rest.

Just Resting and Enjoying.

Come join Carol and I.