Is full time R V living worth it? The better question is, “Is it better or worth it to YOU?

Here at Providence R V Parks at Lake Fork in North Texas, more than 90% of our members are what we call “Full Timers” and I think they would all say, YES, R V living is worth it to them.

To keep this blog from becoming a small book, I’d just like to ask a few questions, and this is not an exhaustive list.

Full time RV living with deck, shed, fence, grass

Home Sweet Home

Are you just beginning your career or are you beginning to think about retiring? We had a couple of full-timers in our park, age – early 30s. He was a recruiter for a large IT firm, she a physical therapist. They bought a large, mamba-jamba R V with slide outs galore and just about every other amenity you could think of. Their plan: For the next few years, live up to a year at a time in one place gaining experience and seeing the country while they were at it.

Another couple, age 40, stay when they are working, but then take off in the summers to travel.

Others, from every age group, just like the simplicity of full timing as well as the economy of it. As a general rule, R V full time living is 40 – 60% less costly and time consuming as home owning.

Of course, there is a lot more to it and full timing needs a lot of planning and research.

Then there is the park. Our Providence R V Park has been designed and built with full timers in mind. Sort of building a community, not just a park. One thing you’ll need for sure if you are going to be a full timer is to decide if you want a “party” park, or a “come and go,” “in and out” style, or more quiet and neighbor-like park to live in full time. But RV living is worth it for a lot of people.

At least you know that last kind is what we are at Providence.