There was a time when the suburban split level with a white picket fence represented the American dream. Those chasing after it were usually from cities and urban areas, looking to escape the smog and gridlock for a better place to raise their 2.4 children. (We’ll save the question of what life was like for the poor .4 child for another time.)

The dream included a yard with perfectly trimmed hedges, a devoted dog to play and fetch, a lawn with no dandelions, and plenty of room to grow. Most would upgrade to bigger homes with bigger lawns, and more responsibilities as families expanded.

The American Dream Grows Up

The American Dream has changed a lot since the 50s. Many of the Boomers—once intent on escaping to the suburbs to grow their families and flower beds—now stand at a new juncture. With the kids gone and too much house left, big mortgages and daily upkeep no longer make sense. The new longing is to pare down, to focus on the important things in life before too much more of it gets lost in the daily grind.

Instead of expansion, now it’s about lightening the load. Forget keeping up with the Joneses—now it’s about keeping up with your own changing priorities.

Mobility and freedom are the new status symbols.

Workamping: The Best of all Worlds?

Workamping may be the new American Dream for many interested in RV living. The concept actually has its own patent! According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: “Workampers are adventuresome individuals and couples who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping.” Some workampers operate their own businesses. Others work part-time, while still others are able to transfer current full-time jobs without skipping a beat. Some work seasonally, others year-round.  Workampers include government workers, teachers, writers, musicians, corporate field reps, hunting, fishing, & tourism industry workers, and even non-profit volunteers. There are free sites that connect RVers with jobs for those itching to get away from it all, but needing to continue working at the same time.

Providence Works For Everyone

Here at Providence RV Park, our tenants span a wide array of professions and ages. Several school teachers and a concessions entrepreneur (Canton Trade Days is the world’s largest flea market) call Providence home. We also have a retired rocket scientist (yes, Virginia, there really ARE rocket scientists among us 😊), a marketing rep, government employees, and a writer all living full time here. Our part time tenants include a construction company exec, a retired colonel and other retired (but still quite active) folks who come for the water sports and trophy bass fishing at Lake Fork. Weekenders who come in for the tournaments enjoy the secure yet fast and easy access to activities.

From Workamping to Glamping

Join us next time, when we will look at the upper crust segment of the RV world, known as the glampers (glamorous campers). Proof that amenities and comforts DO have a place out in the wild. Or, at least, SOME folks think so.


Providence RV Park