There is No Better Place to Be…

…than tucked away in God’s providence. We talked a little about providence at Thanksgiving, and indeed, the entire end of year holiday season is filled with acknowledgment and gratefulness for God’s care, guidance, and provision for us. Which brings me to this question: Are you living the Providence Lifestyle?

The Israelites: A Picture of Providence Living

You might think we have come so far from the days of the ancient Israelites that there is little that we share as a people. But God’s guidance and care connect us. As we watch their desert wanderings and their victories (and defeats), they correlate precisely with their alignment with divine providence. When they allowed God to guide and instruct them, they were led to victory. When they broke away through sin and disobedience, they lost battles, they lost hope, and they lost their way.

The Israelites’ desert tents, or “sukkahs” are even similar to our RV lifestyle today, where we are closer to the elements. We are never over-insulated from whatever is going on outside our walls. It is a fantastic way to live, to be constantly reminded that He is the Lord of all creation. And we get to enjoy it with His blessings.

Reminders of His Loving Care

Christmas is at the very epicenter of God’s providence. Just think of it. He healed the fatal wound caused by humanity with part of Himself – by sending His beloved Son Jesus to rescue us from our hopeless state. He breathed life back into us as only He could do. The ultimate act of “care, guidance, and provision.”

We are reminded of this unspeakable gift each year every time we pass a nativity scene. Or receive a Christmas card (yes, people still do that!). Or watch a program on the wonders of a God Who would send His only child into a broken world to make it whole.

Life sized Creche in nearby Quitman

We are reminded when we hold a child or grandchild for the first time, that there is hope for this child’s eternal future only because of the far-reaching providence of our heavenly Father.

We are reminded when we go to the store and pass by the Salvation Army bell ringers that God often uses some of us to bless others of us. It’s His providence being shared among us.



The Providence Lifestyle

So the Providence Lifestyle is nothing more than accepting your personal invitation to live a life filled with constant awareness of how much God loves you and wants to help guide, care, and provide for you. We only limit Him when we choose to ignore His voice and His ways in favor of our own. Good ideas, or God ideas…can you guess which might make your life one you’d love to live?

Enjoy this week of Christmas fun, food and family, and never forget Who made it all possible. As it’s said every year, Jesus is the reason for the season.

But He’s also your personal invitation to live Christmas all year long.

Holiday Snapshots from Providence RV Park

Some more scenes from my strolls through our park. What a joy to slow down and breathe deep the woodsy pine air out here, and smile at the lovely pops of color and creativity. And remember why life is so good. As I said, there’s no better place to be than tucked away in God’s Providence (RV Park)!


Merry Christmas from all of us at Providence RV Park!