Vacation from RV Park to Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska

“You are going to take a Vacation from Providence RV Park? FROM it?” Yes, time to think of all the great places I want to visit, spend a little time there, sight see, you know…Vacation.

My wife and I are taking a vacation, our first in a while I might add, from work, and from Providence R V Park in East Texas, you know, the one by Lake Fork, the best bass fishing lake there is!

The thought comes to mind, “Why do you need to ‘GO’ on vacation?” I understand. Being at the “Park” is almost like being on vacation. It’s off the beaten path; it’s shady most of the time; it is quiet and clean. It is relaxing! I mean, you ARE supposed to relax and slow your pace, have fun….did I say RELAX?

Yes, vacation means different things to different folks. To my wife, it means Alaska!

So, guess what, WE’RE GOING TO ALASKA!

To me, what it means is I am leaving Providence RV Park in Quitman, Texas, and going On vacation so I can come back and “go on vacation”.

Makes sense to me!