Relaxing at our Full Time RV living spot

Relaxing among the trees.

First, you need to locate a park that allows for full time RV living and occupancy, but find the best place. What do I mean?

Not all parks allow full time RV living

We built our park, Providence RV Park at Lake Fork in Texas, to comply with the rules of full time living in an RV. We are not a water-front park which allows for us to have full time residents live in their RVs. Do not be fooled by parks that say you can live there, but you must physically move your RV once a year or can only live there 170 days a year.

The Sabine River Authority manages Lake Fork and the area that surrounds the lake. They told us that full time occupancy is not allowed at a lake front RV Park.

An RV for long term living

Second, you would need an RV suitable for full time living. However, there are a lot of variables. But, as a rule, you need an RV that is sized and designed in a manner that accommodates full time living. This is not as difficult as it sounds because tere are Park Models and Tiny Homes that qualify. There are also all manner of RV units with any number of slide outs. These add floor space to your living area. Be sure the park you pick has ample room for all those slide outs as you don’t want to be able to hand your neighbor a cup of coffee through the window.

And then don’t forget the storage space. RVs have come a long way and the manufacturers have gotten quite clever in utilizing and creating space.

A park for long term living

Third, choose a park that allows for a storage building and a nice deck. Be careful, some charge extra for this so know before you sign. You don’t want a park that uses storage below the RV. That just becomes a trashy looking park.

Games at Providence RV Park

A friendly game of dominoes.

Fourth, find a park where the residents are active. For instance, one member of our park with some disabilities rides his electric bike to explore trails, another hikes 5 miles in the morning. Some of the women go to Canton, the antique malls, or the Historic Select Theater. Our residents play games in the common area, borrow our books, go to church, meet for coffee And many have full time jobs. None have a full-size house, but they have full-size living. Find the best place for living in an RV.

So, if you are tired of mowing the grass, cleaning all those floors, paying all the bills of a full-sized house, or just keeping up with the Joneses, try full size living instead.

Good luck,

James Adams