Best Place – Living in RV Full Time

Relaxing at our Full Time RV living spot

Relaxing among the trees.

First, you need to locate a park that allows for full time RV living and occupancy, but find the best place. What do I mean?

Not all parks allow full time RV living

We built our park, Providence RV Park at Lake Fork in Texas, to comply with the rules of full time living in an RV. We are not a water-front park which allows for us to have full time residents live in their RVs. Do not be fooled by parks that say you can live there, but you must physically move your RV once a year or can only live there 170 days a year.

The Sabine River Authority manages Lake Fork and the area that surrounds the lake. They told us that full time occupancy is not allowed at a lake front RV Park.

An RV for long term living

Second, you would need an RV suitable for full time living. However, there are a lot of variables. But, as a rule, you need an RV that is sized and designed in a manner that accommodates full time living. This is not as difficult as it sounds because tere are Park Models and Tiny Homes that qualify. There are also all manner of RV units with any number of slide outs. These add floor space to your living area. Be sure the park you pick has ample room for all those slide outs as you don’t want to be able to hand your neighbor a cup of coffee through the window.

And then don’t forget the storage space. RVs have come a long way and the manufacturers have gotten quite clever in utilizing and creating space.

A park for long term living

Third, choose a park that allows for a storage building and a nice deck. Be careful, some charge extra for this so know before you sign. You don’t want a park that uses storage below the RV. That just becomes a trashy looking park.

Games at Providence RV Park

A friendly game of dominoes.

Fourth, find a park where the residents are active. For instance, one member of our park with some disabilities rides his electric bike to explore trails, another hikes 5 miles in the morning. Some of the women go to Canton, the antique malls, or the Historic Select Theater. Our residents play games in the common area, borrow our books, go to church, meet for coffee And many have full time jobs. None have a full-size house, but they have full-size living. Find the best place for living in an RV.

So, if you are tired of mowing the grass, cleaning all those floors, paying all the bills of a full-sized house, or just keeping up with the Joneses, try full size living instead.

Good luck,

James Adams



Full Time RV Living

Full time rv living

RV living allows for fun and adventure

Is full time RV living in your future? If you are considering making your RV home as part of your next adventure, here are some tips to help you start making your plan.

Why do you think making your RV your home full time is an option for you?

That’s a really good place to start as you think about the advantages of making the change.

Here are just a few reasons residents here at Providence RV Park, and around the country, have made the move:

  1. It’s a lifestyle that offers freedom and adventure. RV living frees you from the time and expense of working to afford and maintain a house and yard. It’s an excellent choice for empty nesters, but it’s also a great way to introduce the kids to a simpler lifestyle. Instead of living to work, RVers find that they work to live!
  2. Full time RV living allows you to explore new places and make new friends. There’s a growing number of the younger generation that are rejecting the dream of owning a brick and mortar home in favor of a minimalist lifestyle that focuses on experiences instead of possessions. A recent Washington Post article about full-time RV living explores this phenomenon in depth and finds that RV living offers these benefits and more.
  3. Devote more time to fun and recreation. Our Providence RV park is close to Lake Fork and an impressive list of other activities and attractions. Within an hours drive, you’ll find world class fishing, hiking trails, shopping and cultural activities galore.
  4. It’s an affordable way to live. Modern RVs come fully equipped with energy efficient appliances and all the conveniences of modern life. By reducing the space you occupy, it’s easier to economize. What better way to break the shopping habit than reducing the size of your closet!
  5. Many couples and families find that the full-time RV lifestyle brings them closer. It’s not just sharing a smaller space that does the trick. RV living creates opportunities for quality time that the daily grind of traditional home ownership doesn’t allow for.

What about you? Are you thinking that the benefits of full-time RV living might be right for you?


A Veteran’s Observation of the 4th of July

This 4th of July, full time living Providence RV Park, offers an observation of the day by my brother, a “minstrel” and a Vietnam veteran.

July 4 and we turn the badger loose, whoop and holler, shoot the anvil and fire the rockets.

Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia!

Because 243 years ago 56 white men, 26 to 70 years of age, gathered in a stifling hot room, not much bigger than a two car garage, in: ♫Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia!♫
and signed the document that declared that we were no longer the property of Great Britain, subject to their whims, but masters of our own fate.
Do you care?
Should you care?
Frankly, I’m far more concerned about what happened last year, or, what will happen next year than what happened 243 years ago.
But, you and I and our children should care and care deeply.
I’ll tell you.
Sit down, pay attention, it might take a minute or two.

A Go-Kart, the Constitution, and 4th of July

Did you ever go to one of those amusement parks where they have a Go-Kart track? Go-Karts with rubber bumpers all around and a roll bar and a governor on the engine, running around a twisting track that has old tires hung on the fence anywhere a driver has the remotest chance of bouncing the machine off the wall?
The Declaration of Independence, and the subsequent Constitution, written by pretty much the same men, are like that track in a way.
You can steer the Go-Kart yourself, at whatever speed you choose, but you can’t, even accidentally, force it off the track or make it go faster than the governor is set to allow.
Now hold that thought and consider this question:
What do you think of Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan?
Were you convinced ______(pick one) was sure to lead us to wreck and ruin, destroy the nation?
If they didn’t it was because of the genius of those 56 men in that stifling room in Philadelphia 243 years ago.
They wrote the words, established the Ideal against which everyone who came after them would be measured, by which all of our actions as a nation would be judged.
All who hold office are limited by that standard, measured by how well they keep faith with those words.
And if they try to push the power they hold beyond the limits set by those words written many years ago, if try to drive the nation beyond the bounds established by those men in that small little room, they are brought back into line only by those documents and our fidelity to them.
So, yesterday, on the 4th of July, I hope you turned the badger loose, whooped and hollered, shot the anvil and fired the rockets.
We are free, by the grace of God and the resilience of our fathers vision and their children’s faithfulness to that dream.

Follow Walter Adams at The Last Minstrel.


Providence RV Park – Professional Bass Angler Matt Herren

Providence RV Park welcomes Matt Herren

Professional bass angler, Matt Herren, stayed with us at Providence RV Park during the Bassmaster Texas Fest.

Matt Herren stayed at Providence RV Park near Lake Fork, Texas, for the Bassmaster Texas Fest the first week of May.

How did you find Providence RV Park?

Some friends who live down the nearby road mentioned it; I saw the sign so I drove through the Park to check it out.

How do you like the Park?

I like the TREES, the space {openness}, it’s QUIET. I like that it’s gated.

We’re glad to have you! How long have you been fishing professionally?

19 years.

What caught your interest in fishing?

My family was involved in fishing.

What age were you when you started fishing?

Oh, I was a boy, going fishing with my grandfather.

Where are you from?

North of Birmingham, Alabama.

So, are you going to another tournament from here?

Yes. I’ll go home for a few days, then go to Oklahoma in time for the practice fishing for that tournament.

Matt, thank you so much for giving me your time. Good luck in the tournament! Love to see you again whenever you can come back!

You can keep tabs on Matt on Facebook: @MattHerrenFishing. He got some good AOY points and finished 20th in the tournament.

Looking for a Lake Fork RV park for your next fishing adventure? Give us a call!



It’s OK to REST

Ya know, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok to just REST!

Come to Lake Fork and rest

Providence RV Park in Lake Fork is a great place to rest

Making a living, raising kids, our own and sometimes some others.

Saving money, investing, trying to get to the point of retirement.

It’s enough to wear a body out, or maybe drive a body crazy,

Or in some cases, put you in the ground!

I think the best advice before that happens is, REST!

And the best place I’ve found where there is peace and quiet and rest,

is Providence RV Park, if I do say so myself.

Here at Lake Fork here in Quitman, Texas, there’s everything you need – natural beauty, friendly neighbors and time to recharge your batteries. Though there’s plenty to do, it’s ok if you just want to rest!

And Providence RV Park is one of the few full time RV living parks at Lake Fork.



James Adams


Living Color at Providence RV Park

The beauty of sunset is everywhere even Providence RV Park

The colors of life in sunset and trees

My wife decided to paint our living room at Providence RV Park. “What color?” I asked.

That is a simple question, I thought, and I should have known better than to ask.

You see? When my wife says paint, re-paint, new color, etc. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE COLOR, what shade of this color or that, how many drops of “burnt umber” it has, if it shines or doesn’t shine…… the color is about what kind of “life” will it give the room and pass on to those who enter, visit, and fellowship there. In other words, a living color.

One question, ”HOW IN THE WORLD DO I FIND THAT COLOR?” Where can I buy it? How much does it cost?

I know that when I ask “What color?”, she might just say, “I don’t know, but I’ll know it when I see it.” And in fact, She will!

Wives, and probably most women, have that ability.

Most of the time they DO know it. The right color, the right piece of furniture, the real friend, real love when they see it, the best thing for them, their kids, their husband, their family, etc.

In other words, LIVING COLOR!

We have that at Providence RV Park.

James Adams



Painting my Life

I was painting one day and trying to pick colors. And then I saw God’s painting. He’s quite a show-off and just look at what He showed me. This beautiful western sky over the trees. Note the deepening & richness of colors as twilight came.

I hope that is true for my life. In the twilight of my years, I hope He paints a deepening of faith, a stronger depth of values, even richer relationships, and spreads on more wisdom. I know He will if I just stay on His canvas.

Crappie Fishing at Lake Fork?

Are you serious? You mean crappie fishing at Lake Fork between Yantis, Alba, and Quitman Texas?

I’m serious!  I know when most people hear the name Lake Fork, the next phrase is, ”Yeah, Best Bass fishing in Texas, or anywhere depending on who you ask.

Here at Providence R V Park located at 1762 FM 288 in Quitman, Texas, we seem to attract a lot of fishermen, and women, who are very particular about what they fish for. One couple, who has a spot in our park year round and visits when they feel like it, decided to hire a guide and go fishing. And we have some incredible fishing guides in this neck of the woods. The wife came back with a black bass as long as her arm, and real heavy.

I got a call from a man in Delaware who wants to move to the Lake Fork area, to our R V park. I asked him, “ How did you decide to move from Delaware all the way to Lake Fork to live?’

His answer, “Fishing!” And his favorite kind of fishing, Crappie of course! Why, Lake Fork has Crappie tournaments, Bass tournaments, Catfish tournaments…

You get the picture.

So if you’re a real fisherman, or woman, and need a clean, quiet place to park your R V for the time when you’re not fishing, take a drive thru our park and see what you think.

You know, another thing we like, CRAPPIE FISH FRIES!

Best of fishing to all,



Hello Fall, Autumn Arrives

Autumn Arrives
Trees Turning
Cider Simmering
Squirrels Scurrying
Fall’s my Fave

Providence RV Park for year-round RV living

It’s beautiful in autumn here at Providence RV Park in Lake Fork.

As summer fades and autumn arrives, I’m reminded of how perfect this spot is for year-round RV living.

Enjoy the season from your friends at Providence RV Park

Celebration at Providence RV Park!

It was the 4th of July and it was quite a celebration at the Providence RV Park, one of the few parks that allow full time RV living!

celebration at the Providence RV Park

Some of the full-time, part-time and weekenders at Providence RV Park join in for a 4th of July celebration.

Did we get together?    YES

Did we have good food? YES! You know, the salad, the brisket, the potato salad, the desserts, and I mean we had desserts! The deviled eggs, the chocolate cake,

Did I mention the deviled eggs?…..You get the idea.

Here at Providence RV Park at Lake Fork Texas, we decided to have a 4th of July dinner. We invited all our community, and ALL who were at the park came.

Have I told you, we have the best bunch of folks you could have in an RV community!

We had our dinner, and then we talked, then we ate again, then we played games, then we laughed, and laughed, and had a great time. We really do have the greatest people here, and they all could relate a story about life.

Of course, we always honor our nation and all the people that keep it safe and functioning. We also honor our GOD who has intervened on so many occasions on the nation’s behalf to continue what He started.

If you make it here by the next 4th, then YOU can be a part of our Celebration at Providence RV Park. Providence

Come and see!