Vacation from Providence

Vacation from RV Park to Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska

“You are going to take a Vacation from Providence RV Park? FROM it?” Yes, time to think of all the great places I want to visit, spend a little time there, sight see, you know…Vacation.

My wife and I are taking a vacation, our first in a while I might add, from work, and from Providence R V Park in East Texas, you know, the one by Lake Fork, the best bass fishing lake there is!

The thought comes to mind, “Why do you need to ‘GO’ on vacation?” I understand. Being at the “Park” is almost like being on vacation. It’s off the beaten path; it’s shady most of the time; it is quiet and clean. It is relaxing! I mean, you ARE supposed to relax and slow your pace, have fun….did I say RELAX?

Yes, vacation means different things to different folks. To my wife, it means Alaska!

So, guess what, WE’RE GOING TO ALASKA!

To me, what it means is I am leaving Providence RV Park in Quitman, Texas, and going On vacation so I can come back and “go on vacation”.

Makes sense to me!


Best RV for Full Time Living

Long term RV living with deck, cover, shed.

Long deck, cover, shed, bike, hammock. Nice.

What is the best RV for full time living?

Think through your current lifestyle. Where do you spend your time? In the bedroom? Office? Kitchen? Do you live everywhere in your house or do you find yourself in one chair, one spot?

I MUST have my chair for my Bible time, thinking time, get away from everyone/thing time. It must be comfy with a light and preferably a spot for my coffee cup. Now in an RV, that probably won’t happen in the bedroom, my preferred location. But a kitchen chair is NOT comfy. So instead of a couch that would be shared with others, I’ll opt for 2 chairs and a small table between. I can hang a light or open the blinds.

Now my husband’s #1 need (other than a comfy bed) is an office space. I think in reality it’s his man cave. Since there’s just the 2 of us, that means that we need an RV with the bunk room, but minus the bunks. Grandkids may come occasionally, but he’ll use the office daily. Many RV parks have bunk rooms anyway for the grands and their parents.

Now there’s a 2nd benefit to giving him his office. I get my chair in the main room without him always there. We’ve been married 28 years and a good dose of private space will keep us going for the long haul. So, by carefully choosing my RV, I’m investing in my marriage. (Try that line on your spouse when you want the toy hauler.)

Now what about the kitchen? The hub of the house. Or is it? For me, cook is a 4-letter word. My sister, however, is a master chef and takes great pleasure in cooking for everyone. She definitely got my share of the cooking gene. Her RV needs the best in the kitchen and definitely a bar. I think the actual counter space in the kitchen would determine which RV she would buy. For me, let’s just say I’m a minimalist. And forget the kitchen table with 2 benches. WASTE OF SPACE. Maybe an IKEA drop down table.

Now a lot of people actually use their table to hold stuff, and a table can hold a lot of stuff. Personally, I don’t like clutter so getting rid of the stuff holder is a good idea. A drop down can still hold stuff in a pinch but not forever. Stuff will have to find its place. For me a shelf in a cabinet can be a great stuff holder. This is another good reason to convert the bunk room into an office. There’s a whole room to hold stuff and out of sight.

However, I would consider one bunk and half an office which would then only hold 1 guest so I’m not sure there is much value in it. But an office with 2 desks and chairs – well now, I get a desk area too. Actually, in our last 2 houses we had that set up.

I’m the administrative one and handle a lot of our affairs. My husband does do a lot of work from home as well as searching the internet, listening to talk shows, but his desk is just too messy for my organized mind to function at.

So, our RV design has a living area with a couch (for lazy times), 2 chairs with a small coffee table, a SMALL kitchen table, refrigerator and whatever else goes in a kitchen, an office with 2 desks and chairs, and we’re happy as clams.

And we need a deck or fake grass because I like to be outside every day. ALL my blinds are open so I need good thermal windows that neighbors can’t peak in.

How about you? Do you need the toy hauler because life is just no life without some of those things? Be sure and get it then. Do you love to grill? Be sure yours has the outdoor unit. That will be the best RV for full time living for you.

Do you have kids? Well, wouldn’t they just love a bunk room cave. Or are you well up in years where you think the 2nd bathroom might become quite important? Plan it in. Don’t like stairs? Well, you won’t suddenly start liking them so don’t go that route. Is your girth great and you need extra shower room? Well, come on now, as often as you use that, you’d better get the larger one. Do you like to entertain? That won’t change so make sure you have a larger unit with extra seating. And I think every person should consider an RV with slide outs, especially if you plan on living in it. It can take you from cramped to airy with the push of a button.

So, what is the best RV for full time living? It’s the one with the best design where your lifestyle just transitions to a new space. So, is size important? It can be, but think layout and lifestyle.

And make the most of that lifestyle.

Fishing Tournament

Mad Dog Moore Memorial Bass TournamentGreat boat for a bass fishing tournament is coming to town, just down the street from Providence RV Park. The tournament honors the memory of Garland police officer Michael David Moore who lost his life in the line of duty Feb. 15, 1977. Michael “was killed in the line of duty when apprehending a bank robbery suspect at the Bank One on W. Centerville Rd.” He loved to fish so what better way to honor him than an annual tournament? The proceeds will go to support the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Another bonus to this event are the incredible raffle items. Buy a ticket, or buy a couple dozen. Wouldn’t you like a Massimo T-Boss 410 Camo from Massimo Motors, a Kearney Custom Flatbed Trailer, or a Sun Dolphin with BPS Prowler Trolling motor from Bass Pro Shops. For a complete list of items see the tournament website.

The bass fishing tournament is Saturday, September 7, at Oak Ridge Marina. Bag time 2 PM.

Providence RV Park has a 2-day minimum stay so reserve for the weekend. We have room for your boat and the dock is ½ mile down the street.

Honor the fallen blue, support the children, enjoy the weekend fishing, stay in peace and quiet; it’s a winning combination.

Call us at 903.226.3016.

R V Living Worth It?

Is full time R V living worth it? The better question is, “Is it better or worth it to YOU?

Here at Providence R V Parks at Lake Fork in North Texas, more than 90% of our members are what we call “Full Timers” and I think they would all say, YES, R V living is worth it to them.

To keep this blog from becoming a small book, I’d just like to ask a few questions, and this is not an exhaustive list.

Full time RV living with deck, shed, fence, grass

Home Sweet Home

Are you just beginning your career or are you beginning to think about retiring? We had a couple of full-timers in our park, age – early 30s. He was a recruiter for a large IT firm, she a physical therapist. They bought a large, mamba-jamba R V with slide outs galore and just about every other amenity you could think of. Their plan: For the next few years, live up to a year at a time in one place gaining experience and seeing the country while they were at it.

Another couple, age 40, stay when they are working, but then take off in the summers to travel.

Others, from every age group, just like the simplicity of full timing as well as the economy of it. As a general rule, R V full time living is 40 – 60% less costly and time consuming as home owning.

Of course, there is a lot more to it and full timing needs a lot of planning and research.

Then there is the park. Our Providence R V Park has been designed and built with full timers in mind. Sort of building a community, not just a park. One thing you’ll need for sure if you are going to be a full timer is to decide if you want a “party” park, or a “come and go,” “in and out” style, or more quiet and neighbor-like park to live in full time. But RV living is worth it for a lot of people.

At least you know that last kind is what we are at Providence.






How to Prepare for RV Living, Interview

Sue visiting with other full time RV living resident at Providence RV Park, Quitman, TX

Sue visiting other FT RV living resident

Prepare for RV Living Interview, Sue F. 6/15/19, full time resident 2 years

Q: How did you prepare for RV living? Why did you decide to live in an RV?


A: I got tired of cleaning the large, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. For about 20 years we lived in a 1500 sf double wide with a large kitchen, living and dining room, plus a porch. We had sheds, a garage, a pontoon boat and a big yard.  I came home from work tired, then had to clean the house. Since I was near seventy, it just became too much; my husband, who is in his eighties, was tired of all the yard work on our property.

Q: Were you prepared for RV living?

A: I love to cook, so the thing I missed most was my very large French-door refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom. And, second I miss having a second bathroom.

Q: Are you glad you bought the RV you did?

A: Yes!!

Q: Why?

A: The slide-outs make the Park Model big; it has better quality and insulation.

Q: How long did it take you to get used to living in the RV?

A: Not long because there was so much less to clean.


Q: What was your biggest challenge moving into the RV?

A: Figuring out what you do/do not need; for example, 2 sets of sheets and 4 towels are enough.

Q: How did you solve the challenge?

A: You need someone to (ruthlessly) ask you questions such as “when did you last use this?” to help you pare down your possessions.

Q: Do most people need a storage shed?

A: Well, it’s better to have it than not, although we have stuff we no longer need. My husband had lots of tools, equipment, stuff that wasn’t used anymore.


Q: What do you wish someone told you about living in an RV full-time?

A: Get used to everything ‘close’.

Q: Do you have any downsizing tips?

A: If you haven’t used something in 1 – 2 years, don’t move it to the RV.  Transitioning takes time to decide what’s important to you.  TIP: take a picture of the object you think you can’t be without, or commit to storing it 1 year, and if it wasn’t used, sell it or give it away.

Q: How much do you think you’re saving by living in an RV vs. a house?

A: My husband could give you the specifics. We have no property taxes, no house insurance, no yard upkeep; the electric bill is much lower, there is no trash pick-up fee; there’s very little maintenance with an RV compared to maintaining a house.

Q: How does the location of your RV affect your life?

A: Quitman is handy; there’s a grocery store there; the Wal-Mart is not far away.

I hope this interview gives you some insight in how to prepare for RV living. I especially like the tip on having a ruthless friend help you downsize. There’s nothing like a good friend to give you perspective.

Providence RV Park, 1762 FM 288, Quitman, TX 75783

Who’s Living the Full Time RV Life?

Full time RV resident riding bike through Providence RV Park near Lake Fork TX.

Riding through park.

So, who’s living the full time RV life? I mentioned recently that one of our residents rides a motorized bike. I had never seen one, so was intrigued by it. Check out these pictures. He’ll take a ride to discover trails in the area or make a quick run to a grocery store.

Rick and his wife formerly lived on a houseboat. He said an RV had a lot more floor space as the walls were straight. So I guess they were not downsizing but upsizing. And after several years, they realized they wanted to be on stable ground.

They lived at Providence for a year before they recently had to move closer to their daughter. Rick told me he was sad to leave us and wish he didn’t have to, but family called. Wisely, he answered the call.

Sometime before he left I asked if he could tell me what he thought about our park, Providence RV Park near Lake Fork, TX.

“The thing that struck us when we first arrived was that it all looks precisely like the pictures on the web site. They didn’t cherry pick the photos to show the best like so many do. We soon discovered the noisiest thing in the park – Bird calls greeting the new morning. Well, okay, there is the occasional diesel engine. It quickly became home and the owners / staff and residents became our second family. If your idea of a good time is partying and loud music, this is not the place for you, but if your idea of great living is along the lines of a cabin in the woods next to a lake, this is your dream place.”

I would have to say that I agree with Rick. I do hear the birds first thing in the morning. Of course, we do have a number of residents with numerous bird feeders so that might have something to do with it. Now if I can only keep them off the front porch because of the…well, you know.

Full time resident riding from Providence RV Park

Headed for the trails.

Also, we carved this park into the woods. So it does have the feel of a cabin in the woods, and the lake is just a ½ mile down the road. Since most of our spot are large, we also have room for your boat.

That is why in the Spring and Fall we have numerous fishermen join us for the tournament weekends. That lends itself to a tale or two.

So, who’s living the full time RV life? Well, a former houseboater and current “biker.” Follow me next time to see who else is living the full time RV life and the changes they went through to downsize.


Best Place – Living in RV Full Time

Relaxing at our Full Time RV living spot

Relaxing among the trees.

First, you need to locate a park that allows for full time RV living and occupancy, but find the best place. What do I mean?

Not all parks allow full time RV living

We built our park, Providence RV Park at Lake Fork in Texas, to comply with the rules of full time living in an RV. We are not a water-front park which allows for us to have full time residents live in their RVs. Do not be fooled by parks that say you can live there, but you must physically move your RV once a year or can only live there 170 days a year.

The Sabine River Authority manages Lake Fork and the area that surrounds the lake. They told us that full time occupancy is not allowed at a lake front RV Park.

An RV for long term living

Second, you would need an RV suitable for full time living. However, there are a lot of variables. But, as a rule, you need an RV that is sized and designed in a manner that accommodates full time living. This is not as difficult as it sounds because tere are Park Models and Tiny Homes that qualify. There are also all manner of RV units with any number of slide outs. These add floor space to your living area. Be sure the park you pick has ample room for all those slide outs as you don’t want to be able to hand your neighbor a cup of coffee through the window.

And then don’t forget the storage space. RVs have come a long way and the manufacturers have gotten quite clever in utilizing and creating space.

A park for long term living

Third, choose a park that allows for a storage building and a nice deck. Be careful, some charge extra for this so know before you sign. You don’t want a park that uses storage below the RV. That just becomes a trashy looking park.

Games at Providence RV Park

A friendly game of dominoes.

Fourth, find a park where the residents are active. For instance, one member of our park with some disabilities rides his electric bike to explore trails, another hikes 5 miles in the morning. Some of the women go to Canton, the antique malls, or the Historic Select Theater. Our residents play games in the common area, borrow our books, go to church, meet for coffee And many have full time jobs. None have a full-size house, but they have full-size living. Find the best place for living in an RV.

So, if you are tired of mowing the grass, cleaning all those floors, paying all the bills of a full-sized house, or just keeping up with the Joneses, try full size living instead.

Good luck,

James Adams



Full Time RV Living

Full time rv living

RV living allows for fun and adventure

Is full time RV living in your future? If you are considering making your RV home as part of your next adventure, here are some tips to help you start making your plan.

Why do you think making your RV your home full time is an option for you?

That’s a really good place to start as you think about the advantages of making the change.

Here are just a few reasons residents here at Providence RV Park, and around the country, have made the move:

  1. It’s a lifestyle that offers freedom and adventure. RV living frees you from the time and expense of working to afford and maintain a house and yard. It’s an excellent choice for empty nesters, but it’s also a great way to introduce the kids to a simpler lifestyle. Instead of living to work, RVers find that they work to live!
  2. Full time RV living allows you to explore new places and make new friends. There’s a growing number of the younger generation that are rejecting the dream of owning a brick and mortar home in favor of a minimalist lifestyle that focuses on experiences instead of possessions. A recent Washington Post article about full-time RV living explores this phenomenon in depth and finds that RV living offers these benefits and more.
  3. Devote more time to fun and recreation. Our Providence RV park is close to Lake Fork and an impressive list of other activities and attractions. Within an hours drive, you’ll find world class fishing, hiking trails, shopping and cultural activities galore.
  4. It’s an affordable way to live. Modern RVs come fully equipped with energy efficient appliances and all the conveniences of modern life. By reducing the space you occupy, it’s easier to economize. What better way to break the shopping habit than reducing the size of your closet!
  5. Many couples and families find that the full-time RV lifestyle brings them closer. It’s not just sharing a smaller space that does the trick. RV living creates opportunities for quality time that the daily grind of traditional home ownership doesn’t allow for.

What about you? Are you thinking that the benefits of full-time RV living might be right for you?


A Veteran’s Observation of the 4th of July

This 4th of July, full time living Providence RV Park, offers an observation of the day by my brother, a “minstrel” and a Vietnam veteran.

July 4 and we turn the badger loose, whoop and holler, shoot the anvil and fire the rockets.

Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia!

Because 243 years ago 56 white men, 26 to 70 years of age, gathered in a stifling hot room, not much bigger than a two car garage, in: ♫Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia!♫
and signed the document that declared that we were no longer the property of Great Britain, subject to their whims, but masters of our own fate.
Do you care?
Should you care?
Frankly, I’m far more concerned about what happened last year, or, what will happen next year than what happened 243 years ago.
But, you and I and our children should care and care deeply.
I’ll tell you.
Sit down, pay attention, it might take a minute or two.

A Go-Kart, the Constitution, and 4th of July

Did you ever go to one of those amusement parks where they have a Go-Kart track? Go-Karts with rubber bumpers all around and a roll bar and a governor on the engine, running around a twisting track that has old tires hung on the fence anywhere a driver has the remotest chance of bouncing the machine off the wall?
The Declaration of Independence, and the subsequent Constitution, written by pretty much the same men, are like that track in a way.
You can steer the Go-Kart yourself, at whatever speed you choose, but you can’t, even accidentally, force it off the track or make it go faster than the governor is set to allow.
Now hold that thought and consider this question:
What do you think of Trump, Hillary, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan?
Were you convinced ______(pick one) was sure to lead us to wreck and ruin, destroy the nation?
If they didn’t it was because of the genius of those 56 men in that stifling room in Philadelphia 243 years ago.
They wrote the words, established the Ideal against which everyone who came after them would be measured, by which all of our actions as a nation would be judged.
All who hold office are limited by that standard, measured by how well they keep faith with those words.
And if they try to push the power they hold beyond the limits set by those words written many years ago, if try to drive the nation beyond the bounds established by those men in that small little room, they are brought back into line only by those documents and our fidelity to them.
So, yesterday, on the 4th of July, I hope you turned the badger loose, whooped and hollered, shot the anvil and fired the rockets.
We are free, by the grace of God and the resilience of our fathers vision and their children’s faithfulness to that dream.

Follow Walter Adams at The Last Minstrel.


Providence RV Park – Professional Bass Angler Matt Herren

Providence RV Park welcomes Matt Herren

Professional bass angler, Matt Herren, stayed with us at Providence RV Park during the Bassmaster Texas Fest.

Matt Herren stayed at Providence RV Park near Lake Fork, Texas, for the Bassmaster Texas Fest the first week of May.

How did you find Providence RV Park?

Some friends who live down the nearby road mentioned it; I saw the sign so I drove through the Park to check it out.

How do you like the Park?

I like the TREES, the space {openness}, it’s QUIET. I like that it’s gated.

We’re glad to have you! How long have you been fishing professionally?

19 years.

What caught your interest in fishing?

My family was involved in fishing.

What age were you when you started fishing?

Oh, I was a boy, going fishing with my grandfather.

Where are you from?

North of Birmingham, Alabama.

So, are you going to another tournament from here?

Yes. I’ll go home for a few days, then go to Oklahoma in time for the practice fishing for that tournament.

Matt, thank you so much for giving me your time. Good luck in the tournament! Love to see you again whenever you can come back!

You can keep tabs on Matt on Facebook: @MattHerrenFishing. He got some good AOY points and finished 20th in the tournament.

Looking for a Lake Fork RV park for your next fishing adventure? Give us a call!